Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to clean your laptop~

Keeping your laptop clean, while help it to run more smoothly and last longer. Dust, crumbs and dirt can get into your laptop and cause it to run less effectively. Cleaning your laptop once a month, is good maintenance to assure that your laptop lasts longer.

So what do you need?
- Compressed Air (Small Blower would be nice)
- Cotton swabs
- Cleaning solution
- Soft cleaning cloth such as a cotton t-shirt.

*Precaution : Please unplug your laptop before cleaning.

Laptop Body

  • Use a soft damp cloth such as an old cotton t-shirt to clean the casing.
  • Do not use a scratchy or abrasive cleaning cloth.
  • Don't use harsh cleaning products.
  • Never spray any cleaning solution directly onto the casing - spray onto a cloth first.

Cooling Vent

This part is very sensitive and dangerous. If you don't expert enough please don't open the vent cover. Clean it from outside. Use a can of compressed air to clean the cooling vents. Be careful with the compressed air that you don't spray too hard and get liquid on the fan blades. Use cotton swabs to hold fans in place while you clean them. Spraying directly on the fan and making them spin could cause them to over spin.

I don't know where to find the compressed air can. If you have information about it, I would like to know. Looking for it for years now.

I/O Ports

This is the very simple part. Just use cotton swabs to wipe away large pieces of dirt that have accumulated around the usb port, power supply etc.


Use a cleaning kit that you can buy in any computer store or supermarket. Most of the cleaning kit especially the cleaning liquid have the solution of water and alcohol (isopropyl alcohol to be exact). If you are "hardworking" enough, you can make your own liquid solution by adding isopropyl alcohol with water in ratio of 1:1. Use a non-abrasive cloth such as a cotton t-shirt and wipe the screen carefully.


If you're expert + hardworking enough you can take out the keyboard key one by one and clean the key board with compressed air can and non-abrasive cloth. But if don't want to take that risk, just use cotton swabs cleaning in and around keys.


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