Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Remove Unwanted Startup Programs Using System Configuration Utility (msconfig)

Many programs are designed to automatically load when you boot up your computer. Typically, they will run in the background, so they will immediately open when you click on the program's icon. This is convenient for programs that you actually need, but for those you don't, it merely drains system resources, slowing down your computer.

I know. Many people knew about this. But for those who don't, here's how :

1. Startup processes and other programs are also defined by the system configuration utility. To open this goto Start > Run and type msconfig. The msconfig window will look like this :

2. Firstly, select the Startup tab. Unselect any unnecessary programs from loading automatically when your computer boots.

: Look for really unnecessary programs only.

3. Secondly, select the Services tab. Unselected any services that you no longer want to run on startup.

4. Reboot
your computer.


~~DucKneSs~~ said...

this layout amat cool n seswai ngn page ni..

btw,aku mmg da lm cri psl bnda nih..bebaru nih lepas kjdian leptop ksygn wt hal,bru tau psl msconfig.. :)

thanks anyway

BearBoss said...

u r welkam..

best kan lay out nih.. haha~
2 jam ak spend.. T_T

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